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Hand Holding a Camera


Behind The Lens with Aaron Morris

As I was growing up; I would watch my father take pictures of the family using his, 35 Olimpus camera. Technology then was primitive, it used a film which had to be developed. My parents love to travel to various places. Our photographs were developed somewhere in Johannesburg, we had to wait for a week to see the photos.

I matriculated with the hope that I would choose a career that did not always require me to be in an office. I went to CTI and completed my Diploma in Business Administration, after completion I went to Vega and did photography and soon noticed that thats what I really enjoyed and wanted to do. I realised that photography was in my blood stream. I completed my National Diploma and this is the second year of being a Studio Navigator. I am passionate about photography. I know arts, I’m
creative and using a camera is what I was born to achieve - it runs in the blood. I work in the studio, carry my photography apparatus and I know that this is what I was born to do.

Taking photos in nature reserves, models, parties, birthdays, graduations, weddings and of individuals I realised the love and interest of interacting and proposing postures - before I click the button - to capture my object/s. Modern phonographic equipment are advanced because within a wink of an eye you already see the seeds of your creation. You are at liberty to recreate if you are not satisfied.

I thank my parents for allowing me to follow my dreams and supporting my career path. They were not dictatorial but understanding of my choice. I am a modern photographer compared to my father. I am now confident that I have joined the world’s elite. I have attended the Cape Town photography’s festival where we met international photographers and shared world experiences.

Thank you.
Stay Blessed




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